1 》No griefing, this includes but is not limited to excessive block placing that is not necessary, tnt, stealing.

2 》Do not take things from others without their permission.

3 》No advertising, spamming, or any other means of annoying chat spam.

4 》No excessive cursing, it is aloud but any excessive cursing can be annoying to younger kids.

5 》Respect others, everyone is a human and would like to be respected the same as you would, please make sure everyone is comfortable about a topic.

6 》Use your common sense.

7 》AFK alts can be used but the maximum per IP is 3, including the main account.

8 》Hacking is not aloud, any types of hacks will get a warn, then a permanent ban. If your hacking is severe enough you will not get a warning.

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